QUY ĐỊNH Dành cho khách tham quan

QUY ĐỊNH Dành cho khách tham quan
Ngày đăng: 17/01/2022 08:43 AM


  • Suitable clothes and good manners are required.
  • Visitors or guests parking at designated visitor parking areas only.
  • Contact the museum’s guide at the 1st building or ticket seller at ticket office for requests such as tour registration or any further enquiries.
  • Do not carry banned items such as weapons, toxins, explosives and flammable substances into the Museum.
  • Backpacks, schoolbags, cases or all bulky objects must be left in the lockers and take care of your money and other valuable possessions.
  • Do not touch works of art. 
  • No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the galleries. 
  • Please keep everything clean and neat and speak quietly inside the museum. It is forbidden to lie down, doze, or sleep in any museum gallery. Do not sit on the banisters or windowsills.  Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the museum.
  • Photography, videography, audio recording or other activities for special purposes must be pre-approved by the Museum, please contact with ticket seller at ticket office for guidance or registration.
  • Visitors can use mobile phone to take commemorative pictures.
  • Thank you for your cooperation!



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